Fall Gardening-Putting the Garden to Bed

Posted by K Alexander on Sep 21st 2018

Preparing your garden for the winter season is important, as it lays the foundation for next springs growth.

Over the spring and summer, debris slowly accumulates in the garden beds. Fallen leaves, decaying plant material, sticks, and other items can make garden beds very untidy. Use a small rake and pull out leaves and other debris from the garden beds.  Garden Works Adjustable rake, Hand Rakes and a Tuff Tote make this job a lot easier.

Most perennials need to be cut back in the fall. Plants like daylilies will have a mat of dead leaves surrounding the plant. If these are not cut back now, the plant will have to grow through them in the spring. The decaying, brown leaves look unsightly and should be cut back to a couple of inches from the ground.  Garden Works Long Needle Nose Secateurs will save you time and I love the ergonomic handles.

Fertilizing plants in autumn helps the plants to develop strong root systems.  Use a good compost mixture (the "black gold" secret of any gardener) and work it into the soil with Garden Works Soil Scoop, Round Tine Fork or Claw Cultivator.

Plant Spring bulbs now for beautiful blooms in the spring.  Garden Works Tiger Trowel is the tool for that.

Finally apply a layer of mulch on your garden beds. The mulch helps retain moisture, prevents future weed growth, and helps insulate the plants from temperature extremes. It visually adds the finishing touch, like a new comforter on a bed.